Employees - Scheme Benefits
Income tax and national insurance contributions savings can add up to around 42% off the shop floor price of the bike and accessories (actual savings depend on employees's individual circumstances and tax rate).
Choose from a fantastic range of high quality bikes and accessories.
Enjoy the health benefits of commuting to work.
Spread the cost of commuting.
No finance charges.
Make your salary go further each month and put the fuel and travel savings made towards a holiday or special treat.
Help me explain Pedal2Work benefits to my employer - Just download, add your details and send to the boss!
Healthy Living..
Cycling is recommended
by the NHS as part of active living.

Look Better...
Cycling uses fat for fuel. Your work journey will help you lose weight.
Employees - Frequently asked Questions
Why would I join the Pedal2Work scheme?
You can save income tax and national insurance contributions by having the bike's retail price removed from your salary before deductions. You can spread the cost of a new bike over 12 or 18 months.
Can I use the bike for private or leisure riding as well as commuting to work?
Yes, as long as the primary use is to get to work.
Who will the bike belong to?
You will be leasing the bike from your company for 12 months. At the end of that period, your company can transfer ownership for a nominal fee.
Can I buy any bike I want?
Your new bike must be used for commuting, and therefore suitable for this purpose. Road bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes, folding bikes, commuting bikes... these are all fine. Children's bikes are not included.
What accessories can be included in the programme?
You can include safety accessories associated with riding the bike to work. Safety helmets, reflective wear, security locks etc. are fine. Items such as energy food or car racks are not allowed.
What does "salary sacrifice" mean?

Salary sacrifice means giving up part of your salary in exchange for a benefit, in this case, a bicycle. Salary sacrifice cannot be used if your monthly payments take your remaining gross salary to below the minimum wage.

Can I buy a more expensive bike than my voucher amount?
Yes. You need to use your own card or cash to make up the difference when you pick up the bike. The extra amount will not be part of your salary sacrifice.
What if I want a cheaper bike?
The amount printed on your voucher cannot be changed, so you will still be charged the same amount every month if you take a cheaper bike.
Can I use my voucher to buy a bike for somebody else?
No. The voucher is not transferable to friends, family, other employees or anybody else.
What happens if the bike is stolen?
South Downs Bikes recommend insuring your bike with a comprehensive insurance policy. Your employer may insist you take out an insurance policy when you take collection of the bike to safeguard yourself.
When do I start paying?
Your monthly salary sacrifice will begin in your next pay packet after you have collected your bike or had it delivered.
Can I pay off the balance early or pay over a shorter time?
No. The salary sacrifice commitment will run for 12 or 18 months.
What happens if I'm off work?
If you take maternity leave, unpaid leave, holiday or sick leave that takes your monthly salary to below the amount of your salary sacrifice, your employer will suspend your payments until you are earning again.
What happens if I leave my company?
If you leave the company or retire, your bike becomes a taxable benefit. The balance remaining on the price of your bike will be deducted from your final net salary. As these will no longer be part of the salary sacrifice you will not save the income tax or National Insurance on the remaining balance.
Is there a minimum and maximum amount that I can spend?
The minimum voucher amount is 250 inc. VAT. The maximum voucher amount is 1,000 inc. VAT, although you can buy bikes and accessories that cost more than this if you top up the difference yourself when you collect the bike.
Do I need a voucher for the retail cost, or the cost after the savings?
Your voucher will need to cover the total retail cost (before savings) of your bike and accessories.

Important points to be aware of
1. Bicycles bought under the Pedal2Work programme must be used primarily for travelling to and from work, and they must be suitable for that purpose.
2. VAT benefit cannot be passed on to employees
3. Leavers or retirees from your company become responsible for any outstanding amounts. These are usually subtracted from final salary payments, and become a taxable benefit.
4. At the end of the lease period, the employer may transfer title of the goods to the employee for a nominal fee.


Feel Better....
Exercising, especially outdoors, boosts your immune system.

Riding to work will help you become more alert, ready to accept the challenges of the day.
Pedal2Work is a division of South Downs Bikes Ltd. With many years of experience in the bike trade they have an excellent reputation for friendly, personal and efficient service. Dealing with bike experts will give you the confidence that you will be purchasing the right package for your needs, something you will really enjoy using.
*Savings are affected by a company’s tax status, finance arrangements and your personal level of taxation. Pedal2Work, South Downs Bikes Ltd, The Forge, 38 High Street, Storrington, RH20 4EE