How Does The Scheme Work?
1. Employer becomes a member of the South Downs Bikes Pedal2Work programme.
2. Employee chooses bike and accessories from South Downs Bikes and agrees amount (up to £1000 inc. VAT) with employer.
3. Employee and Employer complete and sign pre-contract and hire agreements (supplied by Pedal2Work)
4. Employer sends purchase order and makes payment to South Downs Bikes for agreed amount. (up to a value of £1000 inc. VAT).
4. Pedal2Work voucher for agreed amount is posted directly to employee's home.
5. Employee redeems voucher against chosen bike and accessories in South Downs Bikes outlet.
6. Employee's salary sacrifice begins in his or her next salary
Healthy Living..
Cycling is recommended
by the NHS as part of active living.

Look Better...
Cycling uses fat for fuel. Your work journey will help you lose weight.
How to join the Pedal2Work scheme
Please complete the application form with your company's details and either post it back to the address below or email it to Alternatively you can request an information pack by completing your details on our contact page. We will then issue your company with all the resources you need to implement the programme in your organisation.
Pedal2Work, South Downs Bikes, The Forge, 38 High Street, Storrington, West Sussex, RH20 4EE
Pedal2Work documents
Pedal2Work - Letter to Employer
Pedal2Work Information Pack
Pedal2Work supply agreement
Useful Links
OFT Group Licence
DFT Information
DFT website information
Important points to be aware of
1. Bicycles bought under the Pedal2Work programme must be used primarily for travelling to and from work, and they must be suitable for that purpose.
2. VAT may be reclaimed on bicycles if they are purchased to implement a green travel plan, reduce car use or increase staff health levels.
3. Leavers or retirees from your company become responsible for any outstanding amounts. These are usually subtracted from final salary payments, and become a taxable benefit.
4. At the end of the lease period, the employer may transfer title of the goods to the employee for a nominal fee.
Feel Better....
Exercising, especially outdoors, boosts your immune system.

Riding to work will help you become more alert, ready to accept the challenges of the day.
Pedal2Work is a division of South Downs Bikes Ltd. With many years of experience in the bike trade they have an excellent reputation for friendly, personal and efficient service. Dealing with bike experts will give you the confidence that you will be purchasing the right package for your needs, something you will really enjoy using.
*Savings are affected by a company’s tax status, finance arrangements and your personal level of taxation. Pedal2Work, South Downs Bikes Ltd, The Forge, 38 High Street, Storrington, RH20 4EE